Miss Harleen Quinn



INT 15, POW 16, EDU 17
SAN 75
Cthulhu Mythos 5%
First Aid 40%, Listen 70%, Mechanical Repair 72%, Medicine 45%, Occult 58%, Latin 60%, Psychoanalysis 60%, Psychology 83%, Sneak 55%


She grew up at a mansion in Yorkshire outside Leeds, UK.

Father died young and she was raised by a modern and progressive mother and a few siblings.

Familiy had enough money to send her to America to studie at Miskatonic University.
During the psychology studies she worked as a nurse at Arkham Asylum.

Now, she tries to make a living as a psychoanalyst in Arkham.

She shares an apartment with her friend.

Miss Harleen Quinn

Arkham, 1926 thomas_sjostrand_77