Arkham, 1926

Spare the Rod (part 1)

Arkham, 23rd august 1926

Miss Kawalska are visited by Mr Cassidy, a lawyer employed by the well-known author Eric Adams.
He wants Miss Kawalska to do some research regarding some alleged haunts in Arkham.
Together with Miss Quinn she started the investigations.

First stop was the Historical Society where they talked to the curator Mr Peabody and he helped them to find the legend about the satanic school teacher Seaton.

Next day the leads led them through Town Hall to the Superintendent Manton who showed them the things that was left of Seatons old school.
They also learned that an old body had been found here last week. The body is now at the Miskatonic University for examination.

That night they went to the [[Old Wooded Graveyard/Hangman’s Hill | old wooded graveyard]] where they heard that the old witch Goody Fowler was said to be haunting the place.
At the graveyard they found some strange dog-creature who chased them out of the graveyard. Outside the graveyard they run into (yes, RUN into) Miss Magnolia who was out for a nightly walk. The creature attacked her before returning to the darkness.

The trio returned home to Emericke and Harleen to look at the wounded Magnolia.

Wednesday, they decided to look for Goody Fowlers old cottage outside of Arkham.
They found the cottage. And inside the haunted cottage they found Fowler’s Grimoire.
After that they quickly returned home before it got dark.

Mr Corbitt

Arkham, 5th june 1926

Miss Quinn and Miss Kawalska realized the their neighbor Mr Corbitt collected body parts in his home.
Investigations made sure that the reason was to bring up the child-thing he had in his basement. After they had read his diary and an old book in Sanskrit (The Key and the Gate) they realized he worshiped a demon/god named Ramasekva.

Since they realized they couldn’t let the child-thing grow up, they burned his house to the ground (together with the child).
Mr Corbitt was devastated and was taken to Arkham Asylum.

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